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NEW HangWithMe - Wall Mount for guitars

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Fits into any room

HangWithMe honours your home and your instrument, allowing you to display your passion in any room. Our Wall Hanger is designed in a scandinavian functional style that discretely blends in and enhances the beauty of your instrument. It’s designed by the award-winning duo Harrit-Sørensen, combining innovative functionality with Danish design. When not in use, collapse it - and it becomes wall décor.

​Wall decor when not in use

The wall mount is made of solid wood with cork to keep your guitar safe. The anodised aluminium base is securely mounted to the wall with two screws. Suitable for most guitars and bases with a symmetrical headstock. The hanger safely displays your instrument on the wall and the closing technology lets you take it down and play while smoothly closing the hanger leaving it as an artistic and decorative part of your home.


  • Made of solid wood with cork and anodised aluminium
  • Installed with two screws to the wall
  • Comes in three different types of wood

Product details:


13 x 13 x 3 cm (round shaped)


Wood, cork, anodised aluminium

Special features:

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191 - 212 g


Designed in Denmark. Produced in China.