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COMING SOON StillStanding - Attachable guitar stand (flat bottom)

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Display your passion 

The design of the attachable guitar stand is intended to be functional and simple yet always taking the aesthetics of the instruments as its point of departure. The attachable stand is suitable for acoustic guitars in various sizes.

Keep your guitar close

This stand allows you to place your instrument next to you, leaving it standing on its own. It supports your guitar if you take a short break from playing or write down notes. The guitar stand gives you easy access to your instrument, when it's not in the case or bag, meanwhile providing stability and protection.


  • Leave the stand on while playing
  • Made of solid wood with adhesive nano tape (PU-gel)
  • Attaches semi-permanently
  • Comes in three different types of wood
  • Danish and functional design

Product details:


20 x 20 x 4 cm


Wood, Nano tape (PU-gel)

Special features:

PU-gel (tech.)


Acoustic guitar - flat bottom


109-146 g

 Designed in Denmark. Made in China - patent pending.